It is hard to think "awesome" when you are sitting in Barnes and Nobles studying Systematic Theology for a mid-term. So I took several breaks to reflect, and I can't erase the recent memory I have of taking the family to Disney through the work of the Dream Factory of Bowling Green. The trip to Disney with the family was AWESOME! I say awesome because I lost count of how many times Abby said that word while touring the different parks. Most of which I caught on film. The most memorable part about the trip for me was the way she was celebrated by the many employees of the parks. Even the person making minimum wage working the front of a line treated Abby as more than a guest, but someone worth celebrating. If you have ever met her, then you know she celebrates right along with you. There were moments I almost lowered the video camera just to cry. What a joyous trip.


At 11:33 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

One day I was at work and I had a particularly difficult man with a disabilty to work with.. I must admit, I thought, "Please dont talk to me, please talk to someone else". Often, every word out of his word is GD this and GD that and sometimes, I just dont have the energy for it. This day, he looked at me and said "Hi Tracy. You love the Lord dont you? Will you tell your children I have been praying for them?" I felt God spoke to me in a powerful way... Sometimes people with disabilities are our meeting place with God, in their innocence and simplicity, they bring my Jesus face to face with me. I am so thrilled your Abby had a blessed time.. You can not help but be drawn in by the wonder and joy of Abby. Her joy is pure and she as well.. is often others meeting place with God. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Abby.



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